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Carbon footprint & pollutants

Evaluate impacts of new projects, optimize low carbon strategies

Evaluate, analyze and optimize CO2 and pollutants emissions of road mobility to decrease carbon footprint and environmental impacts.

  • Assessment of current situation.

  • What-if scenarios comparison.

  • Various dimensions: CO2, NOx, fine particules, noise.

  • Dashboards and map based views.


Key insights to inform decisions with relevant and realistic indicators to deploy environmental friendly solutions in traffic management or mobility policies planning.


For an even more sustainable mobility!

Calculating carbon footprint for business
Calculating carbon footprint for business
Calculating carbon footprint for business

Solutions integrating advanced models

The road mobility is at the core of many environmental challenges: its greenhouse gas emissions contribute to climate change and impact negatively the air quality in urban areas. The road traffic contributes to over 30% of the global pollution. Evaluating carbon and pollutant emissions is now a major challenge for road infrastructures and road operations projects, as well as for mobility strategies and policies. Integrating traffic modeling and simulating tools with CO2 and pollutants emission models is a key solution to bring a complete and objective vision of the environmental impacts.  

To reduce environmental impacts of road mobility

  • Enhancing the vision coming from a limited network of environmental and noise sensors deployed on the field.

  • Integrating multiple variables of a complex problem (engines specifications from the current car fleet, emissions factors, traveled distances, flow speed, etc.) to objectify phenomenons.

  • Comparing alternate scenarios by relying on robust and proven scientific methods to calculate CO2, pollutants and noise emissions.

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