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Neovya is proud to join Impulse Partners Smart City accelerator

Neovya joins the Smart City accelerator by Impulse Partners

Neovya is proud to announce that the company has been selected to join the Smart City Accelerator created by Impulse Partners.

The Smart City accelerator is a bit more than 80 start-ups whose objective is to support changes in infrastructure, operators and services for a frugal, mobile, resilient and civic city, and to deploy new services by capitalizing on data generated by the city.

Impulse Partners is a company whose mission is to identify strategic challenges in terms of innovation and the most efficient solutions in a constantly changing market. Impulse Partners creates a bridge between large groups and start-ups in order to meet the challenges of transformation of some and development of the others. The company is active in the fields of construction, engineering, infrastructure, energy, industry and real estate. To find out more about Impulse Partners:


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