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Thank you to our customers!

Neovya thanks its partners in sustainable mobility

The year 2022 was shining under the lights of the different projects brought by each of our customers. We would like to thank all of you for trusting in us and we are looking forward to keep on working with you in 2023!

Lights on the projects that shaped our year at Neovya Mobility by Technology!

Picture of the french city of Rouen

The Ministry of Ecological Transition for update roadworks in the Grand’ Mare tunnel of Rouen: The North-West Road Directorate decides to support its decision-making process with our dynamic simulation solution Neovya Hubsim to minimize the impact on congestion and carbon emissions of the considered traffic management measures, and estimate deviated traffic volumes.

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An electrical car is charging up

VINCI Facilities has chosen the Neovya Daily Commute SaaS solution to build an insightful and unbiased vision of its 3rd scope carbon footprint and optimize its strategy to decrease carbon footprint generated by the employees’ mobility.

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Screenshot of the Neovya Hubsim sotfware

The city of Chatou wishes educe traffic congestion during rush hours and thus mitigate pollution, health and environmental matters, with Neovya Hubsim.

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Picture of the highway

The Cerema works with Neovya on the AVATAR project pour le projet AVATAR, a plateform to collect traffic data from road managers (State, departments, cities, municipalities...) and to provide open and qualified data to decision-makers, companies and road managers.

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