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Data Intelligence & AI

Get the most out of your mobility, traffic and trips data

Simple and intuitive graphical user interface to analyze and explore datasets using graphics tools & advanced data science and AI technologies.

  • Merger, completion, classification & centralization.

  • Asynchronous or automated integration.

  • Cartographic exploration.

  • Dynamic & multidimensional vision.

A concentrate of data intelligence to analyze, understand, assess and optimize the proper functioning of your mobility network.


New keys to decide for an ever more fluid, safe and clean mobility system!

ai in traffic management
ai in traffic management
ai in traffic management

Integrating & processing heterogeneous data

Managing road traffic also comes from data intelligence. Mobility data typology is directly linked to methods or equipments which helped collecting it: automatic counting systems (loops, cameras, radars, …), localized surveys, temporary couting campaigns, GPS, smartphones and connected vehicles (Floating Car Data) are today’s main data sources which provide us with key information on flows, speed, occupancy, vehicles types, vehicles positions and trajectories, travel time, etc.

Various applications

  • Bearing for equipment and data collection systems failures with data completion algorithms.

  • Predicting road traffic conditions on the short term with machine learning technologies based on historical data sets.

  • Classifying sensors or calendar days which present similarities within data patterns.

  • Centralizing and processing heterogeneous data to detect key indicators and create an enlightened global vision.

Key benefits

  • Improving knowledge on the mobility system to optimize its operations or to plan new investments.

  • Predicting road traffic conditions with reliability.

  • Creating robust digital twins for simulation.

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