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Support programs

Email support, dedicated customer success manager, data archiving for one year, online documentation

Turnkey assistance services

Configuration and implementation of the model, integration of data sources, configuration and calibration of the model, running simulation, model updates and maintenance

Training sessions adapted to all levels

Neovya trainers are experts in their domains with several hundred hours of training and several hundred scientific publications to their credit!



Discover program

General knowledge and getting started

Free for all editions of Neovya Hubsim!

Basics program

Mastering essential functionalities, knowledge of formats, understanding of the model, launch of simulations​

Advanced program

Improvements, lanes reserved for carpooling, traffic flow management, traffic & incident management


Basics program

Modeling, dynamic simulation, traffic study, theoretical concepts, calculation methods, structures

Advanced program

Design, traffic colors, estimated travel time, capacity of intersections, traffic management strategies​



Basics program

Data processing, python programming, simple algorithms, graphics​

Advanced program

Statistics, machine learning, application to transport, interactive dashboards in Python​


Voies réservées au covoiturage

Cadre réglementaire, doctrine, benchmark de projets, enjeux, évaluation​

Régulation dynamique​ du trafic

Régulation des vitesses, régulation d’accès, interdiction de dépassement PL : fonctionnement, évaluation​

Modélisation de la demande, mobilité urbaine

Situation actuelle à partir de données multi-sources, horizon futur, données socio-éco​nomiques

Programmation de travaux

Problématiques, dossier d’exploitation sous chantier, évaluation & impacts


Lanes reserved for carpooling

​Regulatory framework, doctrine, projects benchmark, challenges, evaluation​

Dynamic traffic management

Speed ​​control, access control, ban on HGV overtaking : operation, evaluation

Demand modeling & urban mobility

Current situation assessment with multi-source data, future horizon, socio-economics data

Operations under worksites

Issues, operating road network under work sites, evaluation & impacts

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