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Chatou - Coeur d'Europe: Improving the traffic

A traffic simulation solution to help plan roadworks

The city of Chatou, located in the Seine loop in Western Paris, is a transit corridor for drivers commuting to and from work in the heart of the Paris megalopolis, morning and evening. To face this issue, the city of Chatou has replied to the innovative "Coeur d'Europe" project, initiated by the Ile-de-France region. This project supports local authorities in the region willing to make their neighborhoods more dynamic and their cities smarter. This ambitious project covers several areas, including mobility.

The main objective of the city of Chatou is to reduce traffic congestion during rush hours and thus mitigate pollution, health and environmental matters, particularly along the Maréchal Foch Avenue.

"Neovya Hubsim is a web application that allows us to understand our current situation thanks to historical traffic data. Thanks to the digital twin, we were able to test projects and assess their impacts: it’s a precious help to know where our priorities are, and it has helped us adapt our talks with territorial partners. On the other hand, the expertise of Neovya's team was essential to assist us on our projects to reorganize and regulate the traffic lights in the city of Chatou, and to have the right means to understand: Neovya Hubsim is a tool that will be used in future projects over the medium and long term." says Guillaume Girard, Head of Digital Projects.

To find out more about the benefits of using the Neovya Hubsim platform, download the Chatou - Coeur d'Europe success story!
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