Accelerate the transition towards a smoother, safer and cleaner mobility

With a unique collaborative cloud platform,
a true digital twin for simulation

Analyze, evaluate and decide

Leveraging best of breed analysis and simulation software solutions to plan, manage and operate mobility infrastructures and systems 


Simplify the analysis of the existing mobility system with smart and powerful tools based on AI and data science


Test and evaluate the impact of new projects and new use cases with ultra-fast algorithms and computing engines


Optimizing operating strategies to better anticipate and manage events by relying on a 24/7 platform

They trust us

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Montreal Canada - Mobility & transport - simulation & data analytics - Neovya Hubsim
Mobility - simulation - data analytics - Neovya Hubsim

Neovya Hubsim,
a unique data intelligence and simulation platform available 24/7

A turnkey workspace and advanced tools to increase productivity and make informed decisions

For mobility professionals

Solve complex problems, facilitate cooperation and inform decisions

at both strategic and operational levels

Mobilité urbaine - transport urban - villes - métropoles - Neovya Hubsim

Engineering & consulting

Enhance productivity

Assess the existing situation, define future scenarios, model new layouts, evaluate impact

Mobilité urbaine - transport urban - villes - métropoles - Neovya Hubsim

Roads & highways

Plan, manage and optimize traffic

Test strategies, plan worksites, regulate flows, manage incidents

Mobilité urbaine - transport urban - villes - métropoles - Neovya Hubsim

Smart Cities

Making mobility more virtuous

Integrate new forms of mobility, streamline traffic flows, reduce air pollution

Mobilité urbaine - transport urban - villes - métropoles - Neovya Hubsim

Mobility services

Size the most suitable offer

Optimize the service offer, develop locations in the network, monitor usage

A team committed to your success





urban mobilty - cities - Neovya Hubsim

Find out how Neovya can contribute to the success of its customers

Dynamic speed management, reserved lanes for carpooling, new forms of mobility, autonomous vehicles, worksite planning... serving multiple applications!

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