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Use data to manage
your mobility networks 

The data analytics and simulation solutions delivered by Neovya provide key insights for mobility service providers to develop their offer.


The challenge is twofold: to optimally respond to users demand while preserving the economic balance of services.

  • Determine the best locations to adapt the network

  • Analyze travel times to improve the quality of service

  • Evaluate a new service in interaction with other offers or modes of transport

How Neovya meets your need

A team made of mobility engineering experts

A mobility platform at the highest level
of science

Agile methodology for quick and efficient results

Wish to know more about how to use data in your mobility services management ?

Download our white paper
“Data, a new black gold for mobility?” 

Self-service bicycles, electric scooter networks, car-sharing services, charging station networks, the new mobility service providers are revolutionizing the sector and reinventing the way of getting around town.

By responding to a growing demand which requires more service and more flexibility, mobility services providers have to harmoniously combine their offer with traditional mobility usages and modes of transport.

Aurélien DURET, Neovya Mobility by Technology's co-founder


Neovya Hubsim : a mobility services platform

Neovya Hubsim is developed by our own team and helps you manage your mobility projects

  • Key indicators: level of service, average, percentiles, cumulative delays, etc. 

  • Multiscale modeling, automated O / D matrix reconstruction, model configuration and calibration tools

  • Definition of scenario items: modifications or extension of the network, operating measures, demand projection

  • Extended collaboration between your company and other parties thanks to a users and read-only system

  • 24/7 availability from any navigator

Examples of user cases

Bus Passagers

Integration and analysis 
of the network



of the mobility system

Femme, à, vélo

Traffic consultation 
for new

Customer testimony

left-quote (2).png

Neovya led us with clarity through our various layout scenarios of the intersection. Thanks to the app, we were able to deploy many dynamic simulations on the intersection and on peripheral itineraries as well. The experts from Neovya taught us their method and analysis with transparency and patience so we could understand each modeling case. The precision and the speed they carried through the study met all our expectations.


Thomas Kavaj

North ETN Head of Department


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