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Customers testimonials

Our customers are talking about the value and benefits they get from Neovya solutions!

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Neovya Hubsim is a web application that allows us to understand our current situation thanks to historical traffic data. Thanks to the digital twin, we were able to test projects and assess their impacts: it’s a precious help to know where our priorities are, and it has helped us adapt our talks with territorial partners. On the other hand, the expertise of Neovya's team was essential to assist us on our projects to reorganize and regulate the traffic lights in the city of Chatou, and to have the right means to understand: Neovya Hubsim is a tool that will be used in future projects over the medium and long term. 

Guillaume Girard, Head of Digital Projects of Ville de Chatou


We were able to deploy a ready-to-use large-scale dynamic simulator in record time, unattainable with traditional simulation tools on the market! The very fast computation time allowed us to focus on model calibration and detailed analysis of traffic phenomena. The collaboration functions are also a facilitator in exchanges with stakeholders and our client. The SaaS model is freeing us from the constraints of managing updates, archiving and accessibility and availability of tools, to focus on our added value. Neovya Hubsim is really transforming the way we approach data analysis and simulation!

Thai Phu Nguyen

Traffic modelling and data analytics lead, Arcadis

Ministère de la Transition Écologique
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The cooperation with the Cerema and Neovya is providing great efficiency in the design and operation of the simulation solution. With Neovya Hubsim, we benefit from a very innovative simulation software to inform our decision makers on a complex use case.

Gilbert Nicolle

Head of the Traffic Management Department, Central East Road Directorate

Grand Chambéry

Neovya Hubsim is very easy to use and intuitive. Its speed of computing and the variety of analytics indicators give us key elements to better understand how the infrastructure operates today and in the long term. It makes the collaboration between stakeholders easier for the decision making.

Hervé Palin

Director of buildings, infrastructures and urban roads, Chambéry Metropolis

Ministère de la Transition Écologique
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Using Neovya Hubsim is an effective way to facilitate decision making. It is a powerful and educational tool that enable smooth technical information exchanges with decision-makers around a dynamic simulation model.

Julien Fyot

Project Manager, Central East Road Directorate


With Neovya Hubsim, we are able to carry out an exploratory work on a large number of parameters likely to impact traffic conditions with the activation of reserved lanes. Neovya Hubsim provides key indicators to simplify the analysis of simulations and to quickly compare all possible scenarios.

Aurélien Clairais

Project engineer dynamic simulation, Cerema

Ministère de la Transition Écologique
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Neovya Hubsim brings flexibility and fluidity in exchanges with all the players during the design of the model. The SaaS distribution mode also offers us also an easy monitoring of all the results and KPIs.

Olivier Donnet

Deputy District Manager, Road Directorate South West


We quickly took over Neovya Hubsim to run many simulations in a very short time. Thanks to this time saving, we are able to focus discussions with the client on what really matters, topics of high expertise and added value.

Lucas Rivoirard

project manager Operational strategy and traffic engineering, Cerema

Université Gustave Eiffel
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3D digital models and virtual reality are strategic tools for the work of the PICS-L research laboratory and more generally for the various laboratories of the Université Gustave Eiffel using our simulators. For us, it is essential to be able to simply use our CityEngine 3D urban environments databases with our SILEX simulation software. Thanks to Neovya’s technological expertise and software know-how, we are able to simplify this complex interaction process and deploy very quickly an operational solution to automate conversion operations.

Fabrice Vienne

Research engineer, Université Gustave Eiffel


Navigation and guidance systems have made substantial progresses for the past
decade. Yet, none of them is able to integrate strategies and measures deployed by local public authorities. The challenge here is to guide drivers by including traffic management and control measures activated by the authorities. It is about reaching the goals of reducing road traffic pollution and greenhouse gas emissions. Thanks to Neovya’s technological expertise and software know-how, we were able to break down this technological barrier to deploy a new generation guidance app in record time and evaluate its relevance with a target sample of the population.

Ludovic Leclercq

Director, LICIT Lab

VINCI Facilities
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We were able to quickly deploy the Neovya Daily Commute solution on a large number of our business units. Data is integrated in a few clicks. The solution is powered by the best of breed computing engines which prove to be very efficient. The solution is very simple to use and available anywhere, any time. We have access to clear and precise dashboards to lead our strategy with efficiency. The solution provides us with an informed overview of the greenhouse gas emission made by our employees’ commute to work. We are now able to consider practical and pragmatical measures at the individual and the collective levels to encourage the shift towards more virtuous alternative modes. 

Nicolas Galet

Low Carbon Development Manager, VINCI Facilities 

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Ministère de la Transition Écologique

The solution implemented with the Neovya Hubsim platform is a powerful tool to inform our decisions for roadworks planning. It provides us with key indicators to assess many scenarios in a complex problem: a main infrastructure in a mesh urban network with impacts on alternative routes in a dense urban area. The collaboration and sharing functions available with the platform are also bringing significant benefits to smooth dialogue with all stakeholders involved.

Nelson Gonçalves

Strategies & Engineering Department Manager,

French North-West Road Directorate

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