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Take a carbon footprint of your mobility

We help you optimize your carbon footprint of your mobility

Neovya advises and supports you in calculating the carbon footprint your company's mobility (home-work journeys, rounds, roaming, etc.)


Mobility data from your business thanks to information collected


The balance sheet of emissions from current situation thanks to data analysis


A large-scale action plan global and/or individual to reduce emissions

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Neovya supports you in your projects

Neovya offers you its services to guide you in your decision-making regarding the mobility of your business.

  • Centralization of your home-work journeys and/or rounds on a single file

  • Automated calculation of CO² emissions by our Neovya DailyCommute software

  • Low-carbon scenarios and automated recommendations on a case-by-case basis

  • Emissions avoidance strategies based on the action taken, on a global company or individual scale

  • Monitoring changes and impacts

A complete service

Intuitive platform

Custom made



What are the steps?

  1. Simplified data integration and automatic assessment of the current situation: collection of data in standardized format by import or manual entry, physical approach to the carbon footprint and automated calculation, reliable and objective diagnosis thanks to the data.


  2. Assessment of the carbon impact of your employees' journeys to work: reliable and objective diagnosis thanks to data, statistics at the global level of the company or individual employee, history of the evolution of the carbon footprint.


  3. Support for companies in adjusting their carbon footprint: optimal recommendations for alternative modes depending on each case, strategic and economic suggestions (cycling bonus, teleworking, reimbursement, etc.), operational monitoring by a Neovya carbon expert (optional). 

Do you want to take a carbon assessment of your company's mobility but don't know where to start?

Download our white paper
“Carbon footprint: monetary or physical approach?”

Customer testimony

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We were able to quickly deploy the Neovya Daily Commute solution across several of our companies. Their data is integrated in just a few clicks. The solution is based on state-of-the-art computers, which prove to be very efficient. It is very easy to use, accessible everywhere and all the time. We have access to clear and concise dashboards to effectively manage our strategy. Thanks to the solution, we have a precise overview of the CO2 emissions linked to the home-work travel of our employees. We can now consider concrete and pragmatic measures on a collective and individual scale to encourage a shift towards more virtuous alternatives.

Nicolas Galet

Low-Carbon Development Manager

Facilities Sud Centre Est, VINCI Facilities

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