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Manage the low carbon strategy of your mobility

With Neovya Daily Commute, draw up an objective diagnosis of the carbon footprint of your employees' travel (Scope 3 of the GHG footprint) and follow the quantifiable and realistic recommendations proposed.


A turnkey solution, very easy to use, to support the transition of companies in controlling and reducing their carbon footprint.

An evolutive platform

carbon footprint

Itinerant travels carbon footprint

Itinerant organization

Additional bricks according to your needs

Complete support

The application has two components:

  • Commute which focuses on reducing carbon emissions generated by the daily journeys of a company's employees to their workplace.

  • Itinerant travels which allows both to draw up the carbon footprint of historical homelessness and to simulate reduction scenarios, but also to organize the affection of the homeless.

It allows you to analyze and study the different sources of customer data, and carry out diagnostics in just a few clicks. It aims to be a true collaborative tool and facilitator of the low-carbon transition of businesses.


Many benefits

Accessibility: An application accessible 24/7 to support you everywhere and all the time, to make decisions on the right action levers.


Collaboration: A collaborative work tool accessible to all user accounts in order to streamline exchanges.

Ease of use: A turnkey solution that provides answers to complex questions in just a few clicks.

Integrated open source data: Neovya Daily Commute integrates open source data in order to have complete and varied information.

Process automation: Our SaaS platform automates processes in order to focus on high value-added tasks and save time.

Use of API: Open API allowing updating of repositories and access to data.

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