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Why data intelligence?

The projects in the field of mobility are deployed both over the long term (planning issues) and over the short term (operating issues).


They involve multiple actors and many stakeholders at all stages of their implementation.


They are facing multiple challenges, whether technological, environmental, social or budgetary.


In this context, creating the conditions for informed and concerted decisions, taken at the right time, is not easy.

This is the whole point to opt for a data intelligence and simulation software solution!

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To provide a controlled virtual environment, a true digital twin of the mobility system, to assess, test and design scenarios and solutions, anticipate and predict new conditions, forecast impacts.

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Microsimulation of traffic flow

What does Neovya

Cutting-edge technologies in a secure and modular online workspace

Neovya data-driven products integrate the best of mapping, routing and simulation technologies combined with data sciences and AI to offer a seamless user experience and simplify data integration & analysis, what-if scenarios design & assessment.

Neovya data-driven products are based on a fully secure, scalable and modular cloud architecture that fits with your needs whatever your requirements.

Advanced computing engines

In an architecture that smartly combines scientific algorithms, machine learning and data science to offer unmatched modularity and speed of calculation

Powerful and fast

Powerful & fast 

Multi-dimensional management, geo-referencing, speed of computing ... Powerful algorithms optimized for data analysis and simulation.

Scientifically approved

Scientifically approved

Static modeling, dynamic, macroscopic, microscopic simulation ...

Proven simulation engines coming from the best scientific researchs.

Modular and seamless

Modular & seamless

Data fusion, network modeling, simulations, scenarios definition, analysis, visualization ... Multiple functions integrated into a unified platform.

Strong partners

To integrate the best of mobility science and engineering with the world of technologies and cloud computing

Université Gustave Eiffel
Microsoft Azure
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