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Smart cities & urban authorities

New business models, electric, connected and autonomous vehicles, shared mobility, Mobility as a Service, high-level public transport, development of soft mobility: the urban mobility sector is undergoing a historic revolution.


Cities and large metropolises have to reshape the mobility system to harmoniously respond to energy, environmental and societal challenges.


However, the task is not simple. It is often a question of coordinating different and sometimes contradictory interests to optimize the current system but also to prepare for the future.

Facilitate cooperation and decision-making

The data analytics and simulation solutions delivered by Neovya provide key elements for smart cities and urban authorities to make informed and concerted decisions.


With Neovya, they act in the short term in the optimization of the existing mobility system but also in the long term in the planning of new developments and investments to:

  • Promote and strengthen inclusive mobility,

  • Integrate new usages and new forms of mobility,

  • Reduce environmental impacts and pollution.

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