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Horizon de la ville

Use data to take the challenges
of your local mobility

We help you with
your mobility projects

Neovya offers services to help you make decisions, and completes your engineering team according to your needs.

  • Data centralization and analysis of your mobility system by our experts

  • Traffic studies with our software Neovya Hubsim, for new measures and using under roadwork: carpooling, maintenance, multimodal lanes, etc.

  • Custom-made software development to help you manage your mobility system

- Optimization of highway axes

- Diagnosis and consultations on shared mobility

- Development of soft mobility

Dinan la nuit

How Neovya meets your needs

Centralize multisource data

using strategy
under roadwork

Analyze impact studies

Want to know more about our data-driven solution to help local authorities with their mobility system ?

Download our white paper "Local authorities and data"

New business models, electric, connected and autonomous vehicles, shared mobility, Mobility as a Service, high-level public transport, development of soft mobility: the urban mobility sector is undergoing a historic revolution. 


Cities and large metropolises have to reshape the mobility system to harmoniously respond to energy, environmental and societal challenges. However, the task is not simple.


It is often a question of coordinating different and sometimes contradictory interests to optimize the current system but also to prepare for the future.

The data analytics and simulation solutions delivered by Neovya provide key elements for smart cities and urban authorities to make informed and concerted decisions. With Neovya, they act in the short term in the optimization of the existing mobility system but also in the long term in the planning of new developments and investments.

Aurélien DURET, Neovya Mobility by Technology's co-founder


Neovya Hubsim: a mobility platform

Neovya Hubsim is developed by our own team and helps you manage your mobility projects:

  • Integration of your database, and its completion with third-party data if necessary

  • Complete visualization of your local territory's mobility in just a few seconds

  • Analysis of your current network's performance

  • Short-, medium- and long-term projections thanks to powerful calculation engine

  • Extended collaboration between your local authority and other parties thanks to a user system and read-only mode

  • 24/7 availability from any navigator

Examples of user case

Roadwork management



Taxi dans Paris

Traffic light management

Des foules de la ville

Low-carbon areas

Our references

To know more


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