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Optimize your traveling journeys

Some companies have to manage the daily roaming of their employees to deliver their services to their customers: This is the assignment.

In order to allocate a set of customer sites to each of the company's traveling employees, several criteria must be taken into account. The adequacy between the skills necessary to carry out the intervention and the skills of the itinerant technicians, the attachment to the same business manager or to the same contract of customer sites and itinerants.


Processus structurés
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  • Quick diagnosis of your carbon footprint and your current travel

  • Analyzes of your data

  • Recommendations and scenarios adapted to your constraints​

  • View all customer sites and the living quarters of traveling staff on a map

  • Analyze the match between sites and technicians

  • Define constraints, automatically calculate a near-optimal assignment and balance sites between all roamers

  • To plan the assignment by grouping for each itinerant their tours on typical days

A complete service

Data integration




Itinerant optimization:
how to organize yourself?

Import your employees’ data in a few clicks to access our features

Platform initialization

Update your information monthly, quarterly or annually as needed.

your data

Select an administrator from among your employees who can operate the platform.

A dedicated person

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Access managers to optimize your human resources, vehicle fleets and even your schedules.

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