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Manage the mobility of your business

Neovya accompanies you
in your mobility projects

The data intelligence solutions delivered by Neovya provide key insights to companies to reduce the carbon footprint of mobility in their activities and optimize their various journeys.

  • Diagnose, analyze and optimize mobility across the enterprise

  • Draw scenarios, compare them and set realistic and achievable objectives (reduction of CO2 emissions, reduction of travel times, optimization of routes)

  • Optimize associated investments and identify “quick wins”

  1. Simplified data integration and automatic assessment of the current situation

  2. Assessment of the carbon impact of your employees' home-work journeys

  3. Supporting companies in adjusting their carbon footprint

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How Neovya meets your needs

A team of
mobility expert engineers

Optimal support to guarantee customer satisfaction

Expertise in software development for
a tailor-made service

Do you want to take a carbon assessment of your company's mobility but don't know where to start?

Download our white paper
“Carbon footprint: monetary or physical approach?”

For companies in the maintenance, intervention and facility management services sector, employee mobility is the main source of greenhouse gas emissions in their activity. The challenge is broad because it encompasses professional travel, home-work and homelessness for intervention personnel.

The market is changing rapidly and service providers must meet ever-increasing demands from contractors and customers. To respond to this, it is a matter of combining operational excellence and reducing the carbon footprint of the activity.

Étienne Hans, Neovya Mobility by Technology's co-founder

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Neovya DailyCommute: a platform serving businesses

A cutting-edge software solution that makes corporate mobility management accessible to everyone to decide and act effectively.

  • ​Precision and clarity thanks to optimized calculation engines to deliver your diagnoses and recommendations in the form of precise and consistent dashboards.

  • 24/7 accessibility from any browser, to support you everywhere and all the time, to make decisions on the right levers of action.

  • Ease of use: a solution that provides key answers to complex questions in just a few clicks.

Examples of use cases


Analysis of
carbon footprint of your mobility

Chargeur de voiture électrique

to an
vehicle fleet

White Van

Adjustment of itinerant and carbon footprint

Customer testimony

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We were able to quickly deploy the Neovya Daily Commute solution across several of our companies. Their data is integrated in just a few clicks. The solution is based on state-of-the-art computers, which prove to be very efficient. It is very easy to use, accessible everywhere and all the time. We have access to clear and concise dashboards to effectively manage our strategy. Thanks to the solution, we have a precise overview of the CO2 emissions linked to the home-work travel of our employees. We can now consider concrete and pragmatic measures on a collective and individual scale to encourage a shift towards more virtuous alternatives.

Nicolas Galet

Low-Carbon Development Manager

Facilities Sud Centre Est, VINCI Facilities

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