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Neovya facilite les services de maintenance et de facility management

Maintenance, field services & facility management

For companies in the maintenance, field services and facility management services sector, coworkers mobility is the main source of greenhouse gas emissions in their activity. The challenge is broad as it encompasses business travel, commute to work and rounds of intervention personnel.

The market is rapidly evolving and service providers must meet ever-increasing demands from decision-makers and customers. it is a question of combining both operational excellence and low carbon footprint of the activity.

Reduce carbon footprint of mobility

The data intelligence solutions delivered by Neovya provide key insights for maintenance and facility management services providers to reduce the carbon footprint of mobility in their business.

With Neovya, mobility service providers assess the needs of demand in order to size the most suitable offer to:

  • Assess, analyze and optimize the carbon footprint of mobility at the global company level,

  • Design scenarios, compare them and set realistic and achievable CO2 emission reduction targets,

  • Optimize related investments and identify “quick wins”.

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