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Supporting our partners in their studies
of mobility

With its expertise in traffic engineering, Neovya is a recognized service provider with:

  • Public authorities wishing to evaluate their mobility projects

  • Road operators for the study of the impact of new measures on their network

  • Mobility operators to meet the demand of their users

  • Design offices needing to supplement their skills with our specialized expertise

Our expertise

Impact studies

Territorial studies

New developments


Traffic regulations



Our mission

  • Inform decisions at the strategic level (planning, programming) and at the operational level (operating measures) thanks to a shared vision of network issues.

  • Provide a vision of multi-scale impacts (microscopic or macroscopic) and multi-criteria (level of service, delays linked to congestion, environmental emissions, etc.).

  • Project and evaluate situations that have never been observed in the past.

  • Test scenarios requiring budgetary investments too high or logistics too complex to be tested in the real world.

  • Evaluate the operational efficiency of a specific planned measure and optimize it if necessary.

Data at the heart of our studies

Customer's data


Third party data

Neovya Hubsim

Your projects

  • Assess the feasibility and impact of new development projects on infrastructure and networks (road mobility, public transport, shared mobility, soft modes, etc.).

  • Simulate the impact of road and motorway operating strategies on traffic flow and the environment (dynamic traffic management, construction site operation, indicator of pollutant emissions, carbon, noise, etc.).

  • Plan the mobility system of tomorrow on the scale of a city, an urban area or a territory whatever the mode of transport (private car, public transport, bicycle, etc.).

  • Rethink urban road mobility (traffic plan, optimization of traffic light regulation, etc.).

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Our references


Réseaux structurants

de la Ville de Chatou


Voies réservées au covoiturage sur l'A7 à Lyon

Mécanisme de génération automatique de bilans de trafic

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