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Lead traffic consultations efficiently and simply

We help you with
your mobility projects

The data analytics and simulation solutions offered by Neovya are an accelerator for the engineering and consulting professionals. The design and implementation of models and simulations becomes more economical, easier and faster.

  • Traffic studies with our software Neovya Hubsim, for new measures and using under roadwork: carpooling, maintenance, multimodal lanes, etc.

  • Consultation in traffic and mobility engineering by our experts for the implementation of new measures.

  • Infrastructure planning and development

With Neovya, engineering and consulting companies or design offices are focusing on their core business to provide their clients with services with even more added value:

  • Assessment and evaluation of the mobility system

  • Traffic and mobility engineering

  • Infrastructure planning and development

excès de vitesse voiture

How Neovya meets your need

A super-fast
digital twin
of the network 

A team made of mobility engineering experts

Agile methodology for quick and efficient results

Wish to know more about the use of a digital twin in traffic studies ?

Read our article "Using data intelligence to line up environmental challenges with urban traffic management"

To maintain a high level of expertise and bring the best answer to the new issues of their customers, engineering and consulting companies operating in the mobility and transport sector need to integrate into their practice new mobility usages, new technologies, new modes of transport that are fundamentally transforming the sector.

At the same time, it is crucial for engineering and consulting companies to gain in efficiency and productivity in order to remain competitive and offer services aligned with their clients' budget constraints.

Étienne Hans, Neovya Mobility by Technology co-founder


Neovya Hubsim : a platform for mobility consulting

Neovya Hubsim is developed by our own team and helps you manage your mobility projects

  • Key indicators: level of service, average, percentiles, cumulative delays, etc. 

  • Multiscale modeling, automated O / D matrix reconstruction, model configuration and calibration tools

  • Definition of scenario items: modifications or extension of the network, operating measures, demand projection

  • Extended collaboration between your company and other parties thanks to a users and read-only system

  • 24/7 availability from any navigator

Examples of user cases

Taxi sur la route

Integration and analysis
of the network data

Coucher de soleil sur l'autoroute


of the mobility system

Route des tunnels

Traffic consultation
for new

Our references


Ring road in the city 

of Bordeaux


Optimization of traffic light intersections


Centralization and visualization of mobility data sets

To know more


Article: Using data intelligence to line up environmental challenges with urban traffic management

What does data-driven mean for people and goods mobility_

Article: What does data-driven mean for people and goods mobility?

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Article: Carpooling, a way to decarbonize road mobility in smart cities & metropolitan areas

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