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Easily calculate your carbon footprint

The data intelligence solutions delivered by Neovya provide key insights to companies to reduce the carbon footprint of mobility in their activities and optimize their various journeys.


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  • Quick diagnosis of your carbon footprint and your current travel

  • Analyzes of your data​

  • Recommendations and scenarios adapted to your constraints​

The commute 
carbon footprint

The carbon footprint aspect of home-work represents all daily journeys which generate more or less significant CO2 emissions depending on the mode of transport used to travel. All employees of a company are therefore affected by this activity and can participate in its reduction by acting on some of their travel habits.

Stéréo de voiture

This is what the home-work part of Daily Commute offers. This is a decision support tool which aims to model the daily journeys of a company's employees and the carbon emissions that this generates, and thus to see what lever it is possible to use. act by gradually encouraging them to change certain usual modes of transport.

From diagnosis to support

The home-work section has a first part which establishes a diagnosis of the current situation based on downloaded data then, in a second part, a section which allows you to adjust your carbon footprint by varying your travel modes. certain collaborators.

The application can be usefully used in a campaign to encourage employees to reduce carbon emissions, by setting up a fleet of responsible vehicles or charging stations, for example.

Data integration

Diagnosis of the situation


Itinerant travels carbon footprint

The carbon footprint of roaming refers to all the regular travel of a company's traveling staff to different sites. It could be:

  • Maintenance operations on customer sites

  • Delivery rounds of a set of delivery men

  • Sales meetings with clients

White Van

Itinerant travels can be historical and planned (tours already carried out or theoretical schedules). The platform can then calculate the different routes and weights the distances obtained by the carbon emission factor of the vehicle used by the employee. In this way, we obtain the overall carbon footprint of the company's itinerant traveling. This diagnosis is more precise than the calculation based on gasoline consumption because it allows you to calculate only itinerant travels and not all of the employee's trips.

A complete report

  • Cartographic visualization of customer sites and the homes of traveling employees


  • Visual analyzes provided on the attendance of different sites or the activities of itinerant employee

  • Determining the potential of each itinerant to carry out tours using an electric vehicle, which is called electric eligibility

  • Calculation of carbon footprint on alternative scenarios taking into account a renewal of the vehicle fleet, in particular by partially switching to electric

  • Analysis of an itinerant and their tours in a single click

Commute and itinerant trips:
how to organize yourself?

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Platform initialization

Update your information monthly, quarterly or annually as needed.

your data

Select an administrator from among your employees who can operate the platform.

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