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Neovya Hubsim

Neovya Hubsim is a cloud-based platform for data intelligence and simulation, a true digital twin for simulation.

Neovya Hubsim offers a secure and fully collaborative workspace, available 24/7 and turnkey tools to increase productivity and make informed decisions in your projects.

Road traffic simulator

A lot of benefits

A state-of-the-art software solution that makes data analytics and simulation easy to everyone to analyze, evaluate and decide

Immediate results

Optimized computing engines to deliver your simulation results in record time

24/7 availability

24/7 availability to provides answers everywhere and any times, to make decisions at the right time

Extended collaboration

A space for collaboration to decide in full transparency by involving all the players in your projects wherever they are


Integrate and merge all types of mobility data with a geospatial vision, whatever the source of collection: counting equipment (loops, radar, etc.), surveys, origin / destination matrix, FCD, etc.


  • Georeferenced integration & cartographic visualization

  • Management of traffic volumes, speed, density, occupancy rate

  • Travel data management (travel time)

  • Matrix data management (origin / destination matrix)

  • Data management by zones (socio-economic data)

  • Verification, validation and exploration tools

  • Import of static & dynamic data

  • Connection and synchronization to external data feeds

  • Fusion, sampling, classification engines

  • Data mining and machine learning algorithms

Road traffic simulator
Road traffic simulator


In just a few clicks, import an external file or use the cartographic interface to create a network and travel demand model that fit to the scale of your project.

  • Network modeling and configuration

  • Links types classification

  • Multiscale modeling

  • Automation tools for creating the model

  • Extraction, selection & update tools

  • Import / export of .csv files

  • Automated O / D matrix reconstruction

  • Forecasted travel demand

  • Exploration and navigation in O / D matrices

  • Model configuration and calibration tools


Define your simulation scenarios with all the combinatorial flexibility possible, launch your simulations and access the calculation results in a few seconds.

  • Definition of scenario items: modifications or extension of the network, operating measures, demand projection

  • Combinatorial management of scenario items

  • Management of simulation scenarios

  • Launch of simulations

  • Complete archiving of simulations

  • Replay of simulations with selection by time period

  • Choice of scenarios to compare

  • Calculation engines that can be configured as needed: static macro simulation, dynamic macro, dynamic micro.

Road traffic simulator
Road traffic simulator


Define visualizations and analyzes both on data and simulation results to feed cooperation around your projects and make informed decisions.

  • Geospatial analysis, time series, space time diagrams

  • Visualization of flow rate curves

  • Analysis of travel times by O / D

  • Network congestion analysis

  • Comparison of total time spent according to the scenarios

  • Virtual sensor generation at any point of the network

  • Analysis scenario by scenario or in a comparative mode

  • Key indicators: level of service, average, percentiles, cumulative delays, etc.

  • Virtual visualization of moving vehicles with the micro-simulation mode

  • Exports images or .csv files


Benefit from the power of a platform available 24/7 and accessible everywhere to collaborate efficiently with all the actors involved and the stakeholders of your projects wherever they are.

  • Administration of access and user rights

  • Guest mode for viewing results

  • Sharing rights to models and simulation results

  • Sharing project scenario items

  • Annotation and commenting tools

  • Automatic generation of reporting documents

  • Hyperlinks sharing (charts and dashboards)

Road traffic simulator

Customer success

left-quote (2).png

Using Neovya Hubsim is an effective way to facilitate decision making. It is a powerful and educational tool that enable smooth technical information exchanges with decision-makers around a dynamic simulation model.

Julien Fyot

Project Manager, Central East Road Directorate

Want to know more about Neovya Hubsim? Download the product sheet.

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