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Neovya Hubsim
Digital twin of the mobility system

Neovya Hubsim is a cloud-based platform with secured access, fully collaborative, accessible 24/7 from a simple web browser.

Neovya Hubsim centralizes all mobility data from the territory: measurements by road equipment, surveys, open data portals, GIS tools, models, or even data from FCD providers


Neovya Hubsim offers: 

  • cartographic tools to see

  • diagnostic tools to understand

  • modeling tools to enlighten decisions

  • sharing tools for collaboration


Neovya Hubsim is intended for mobility professionals within local authorities, road operators, and engineering and consulting companies.

Road traffic simulator

A unified solution with 

Data intelligence tools

developed by mobility experts


Models and simulation engines

developed by modelers for modelers

Immediate results

Optimized computing engines to deliver your simulation results in record time

24/7 availability

24/7 availability to provides answers everywhere and any times, to make decisions at the right time

Extended collaboration

A space for collaboration to decide in full transparency by involving all the players in your projects wherever they are

Centralize the data flows

Neovya Hubsim promises to make all territory data accessible from a single point, regardless of its source or acquisition channel. Users can integrate:

  • Archived data: import of raw files

  • Live data: connection via API

  • Open data: connection to portals

  • Supplier data: direct provision of data


For more information on FCD (Floating Car Data), visit this dedicated page.



Neovya Hubsim pledges to provide a simple, ergonomic, and efficient mapping tool. As mobility data primarily consists of geographical information, Neovya Hubsim offers a comprehensive geographic information layer manager to generate interactive maps. Users can:

  • Create geographic information layers

  • Import external layers

  • Access layers from open data portals

  • Edit the geometries of points of interest, polylines, polygons

  • Edit properties and their values

  • Adjust layer display settings Export layers in standard formats (.shp, .geojson, .csv)


Neovya Hubsim promises to leverage all mobility data, regardless of the information category. Once loaded into the platform, the data is directly accessible on the map or in the calendar with advanced analysis tools. The data categories include:


Traffic Counts

They represent the primary source of information on movements, as cars account for 80% of the kilometers traveled across the territory. Understanding traffic flows is thus crucial for comprehending and acting upon the mobility system. Neovya Hubsim offers:

  • Interactive mapping to explore, filter, and analyze traffic count data, with access to several years of historical data.

  • Advanced tools for data qualification, traffic indicator analysis, and traffic assessments.

Travel Times

They are strategic for understanding traffic conditions and identifying congestion zones based on the time of day and day of the week. Neovya Hubsim provides:

  • Interactive mapping to analyze travel times on different routes, with access to several years of historical data.

  • Advanced analysis tools to effectively configure dynamic simulations based on travel times.


Origin-Destination Matrices

They provide valuable information about travel demands within a territory. Whether it's directional surveys at signalized intersections, cord surveys, or household travel surveys, data can be imported into Neovya Hubsim, which offers:

  • Interactive mapping to visualize zone-to-zone flows or assignments onto the road network.

  • Tools to automatically adjust a traffic demand model.

Socio-Economic Data

They are essential for understanding mobility determinants: population, distribution by age group or socio-professional category, number of jobs, distribution of transportation modes. This data is directly accessible on Neovya Hubsim, which offers:

  • Interactive mapping for easy exploration of data with a single click.

  • Advanced tools to utilize this data for travel model construction.

  • Direct integration into travel models for time efficiency.


Public Transport

It's a major lever for mobility policies, encompassing route alignments, stop locations, timetables, and service frequencies. While this information is typically published in GTFS format, it's not always easy to visualize. GTFS files can be directly loaded into Neovya Hubsim, which offers:

  • Interactive mapping to explore public transport offerings with a single click.

  • Advanced tools for calculating performance indicators and directly integrating data into travel models.

  • Direct integration of this data into travel models. Additionally, this information can be supplemented with boarding/alighting volumes per stop for a deeper understanding of public transport usage within a territory.


Floating Car Data (FCD)

They are essential for obtaining information on traffic conditions across the entire territory without deploying measurement equipment. Captured by connected vehicles circulating within the territory, this data is becoming increasingly representative and indispensable for developing traffic condition diagnostics or adjusting models. Two categories of information are particularly interesting: speed maps and origin-destination matrices. Neovya Hubsim offers:

  • Interactive mapping to explore extensive databases with a single click.

  • Advanced tools for cross-referencing information with other sources (counts, field surveys, etc.).

  • Ready-to-use traffic models to integrate this data into simulations.

Road traffic simulator
Road traffic simulator

Static multimodal
trips model

Neovya Hubsim promises to construct a travel model in a simple, efficient, valid, and transparent manner. Once the data is in the platform, all model construction tools are available within an interface designed by modelers for modelers.

  • Setting up of the transport supply (road network, public transport, etc.)

  • Selecting reference data (counting stations, OD surveys, etc.)

  • Linking surveys to transport offerings

  • Automatic parameter calibration

  • Model validation: direct comparison of model vs. data

  • Results and analyses with an interactive map

  • Exporting results in various formats (.shp, .csv, .geojson)

Neovya Hubsim promises to facilitate project testing in an agile and rapid manner, offering creation / editing / comparison tools for scenarios such as:

  • Evolution of travel demand (socio-economic evolution, etc.)

  • Transport service projects (road development, public transport service, cycling infrastructure, etc.)

  • Scenario analysis and comparison tools

  • Results and analyses presented in map format

  • Export of results in various formats (.shp, .csv, .geojson)

Neovya Hubsim pledges a sustainable and continuously usable model, providing automatic update functionalities upon the arrival of new data.

Dynamic traffic flow modeling

Neovya Hubsim promises to provide a dynamic modeling tool tailored to your needs, whether it's an assignment model, a macroscopic model, a mesoscopic model, or even a microscopic model. Neovya Hubsim brings together all these solutions and facilitates communication between them, offering a unique user experience designed by modelers for modelers.

  • Selection of data sources (road network, traffic counts, surveys, FCD data)

  • Automatic calibration of traffic demand

  • Simplified calibration of supply (capacity, etc.) and congestion dynamics

  • Direct model vs. data comparison

  • Validation indicator

  • Export to major geographic formats


Neovya Hubsim offers a simple, agile, and rapid project scenario management system for quickly testing scenarios such as:

  • Evolution of demand to futures horizons

  • Road network development projects

  • Traffic control projects

  • Work zones, events, or incidents

Road traffic simulator


Neovya Hubsim promises to provide simple engineering tools to enlighten your projects before engaging in dynamic modeling and simulations. To achieve this, constructing a travel model is made simple, quick, efficient, valid, and transparent. Once the data is within the platform, all model construction tools are readily available within an interface designed by modelers for modelers.

  • Fundamental diagram, for analyzing flow-speed relationships

  • Weaving area, to estimate their capacity

  • Signalized intersection, for sizing signal timings and delays

  • Roundabout, for sizing and estimating queues

  • Work zone traffic control, road locks

  • Pollutant and noise emission curve, to estimate nuisances based on simplified assumptions.


Take advantage of the power of a platform available 24/7 and accessible from anywhere to collaborate effectively with all stakeholders involved in your projects: municipalities, government agencies, neighboring communities, service providers, local authorities, etc.



  • Accessible 24/7 from your browser using your email address

  • Secure workspace to keep control

  • Strict access control to collaborate with:

    • Administrator role to manage access for collaborators

    • User role to upload data, edit simulations, share results

    • Guest role for read-only platform access

  • Available in 3 languages (French, English, German)

Customer success

left-quote (2).png

Using Neovya Hubsim is an effective way to facilitate decision making. It is a powerful and educational tool that enable smooth technical information exchanges with decision-makers around a dynamic simulation model.

Julien Fyot

Project Manager, Central East Road Directorate

Want to know more about Neovya Hubsim? Download the product sheet.

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