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Arcadis and Neovya Hubsim to smooth traffic flows on the Bordeaux ring road

Neovya deploys Neovya Hubsim for Bordeaux's ring road with Arcadis

As part of a project for the DREAL Nouvelle Aquitaine (The regional public authority of the Bordeaux region in France), Arcadis chooses Neovya Hubsim to deploy a dynamic simulation model on the Bordeaux ring road.

The Bordeaux ring road is one of the longest ring roads in France, but also one of the most congested with strong variations in traffic patterns depending on the season and the time of day.

The regional public authority (DREAL Nouvelle Aquitaine) opera-ting the road network is planning new layouts for two critical interchanges of the ring road with the objective of smoothing traffic flows, reducing environmental impacts while supporting mobility policies of the municipalities in the area.

Arcadis chooses the digital twin simulation platform, Neovya Hubsim, to implement a dynamic simulation model for a network of more than 80km and to inform the decision making process on these strategic investments.

“We were able to deploy a ready-to-use large-scale dynamic simulator in record time, unattainable with traditional simulation tools on the market! The very fast computation time allowed us to focus on model calibration and detailed analysis of traffic phenomena.

The collaboration functions are also a facilitator in exchanges with stakeholders and our client. The SaaS model is freeing us from the constraints of managing updates, archiving and accessibility and availability of tools, to focus on our added value.

Neovya Hubsim is really transforming the way we approach data analysis and simulation!” says Thai Phu Nguyen, Traffic modeling and data analytics lead, Arcadis.

To find out more about the benefits of using the Neovya Hubsim platform, download Arcadis success story!
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