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Planning roadworks on an intersection: microscopic dynamic simulation and modeling

How to succeed in the simulation of a roadwork

The Reunion Region has selected Neovya and its Neovya Hubsim software to carry out additional development studies on a portion of its RN2 in the town of Saint-Benoît.

This project, which already has four lanes of road traffic, aims to develop two bi-directional lanes reserved for public transport and soft mobility. To address issues of safety, congestion, and traffic shift, extensive studies are required.

To complete this project, a redesign of the Bras Canot intersection is planned. Neovya Hubsim's dynamic simulator allows for detailed modeling of the entire area to enlighten the various available solutions. Thanks to the digital twin, 9 different projections are simulated on the MPH and SPH on a scale of 2 to 10 years. This software integrating multi-source data facilitates the elaboration of traffic scenarios to make appropriate decisions.

Traffic modelling on the Reunion Island

Perimeter of the simulation project

“ Neovya led us with clarity through our various layout scenarios of the intersection. Thanks to the app, we were able to deploy many dynamic simulations on the intersection and on peripheral itineraries as well. The experts from Neovya taught us their method and analysis with transparency and patience so we could understand each modeling case. The precision and the speed they carried through the study met all our expectations. ”

Thomas Kavaj, ETN North Head of Department

A simulation from the Neovya Hubsim software

The regional council of the Reunion island is the deliberative authority of the region, it works as a regular French region as well as overseas regions. The Reunion’s road network is a central topic as it it is conditioned to the economy. One of the main concerns of the region to coordinate the road network with the public transportation’s network to decrease the use of personal cars.

To know more about the Neovya Hubsim and multi-source data, download our success story!
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