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An innovative platform for collecting, processing and distributing road traffic data

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Modernizing the road traffic information production chain to make it more responsive,

open, multi-source and multi-manager is a strategic challenge for road operators. The

goal is to provide ever more appropriate answers to health, social or climatic crises by

making the most of data.

A graph showing traffic's daily evolution
Traffic's daily evolution

The AVATAR project (Automatic Analysis & Visualization of Road Traffic Data), which is at

the heart of CEREMA's strategic orientations, aims to collect traffic data from road

managers (State, departments, cities, municipalities...) and to provide open and qualified

data to decision-makers, companies and road managers. The AVATAR technological

platform must be able to integrate the latest technologies: massive data management,

artificial intelligence, standardized data warehouses, query tools, data opening and

provision of "general public" dissemination tools.

" Neovya was able to meet very high technical and functional requirements in a very short timeframe. The solution implemented offers simple access and high value-added functionalities to analyze and complete multi-source data sets in real time and over various historical depths. It’s a powerful tool for road network operators to inform their strategic and operational decisions. This complex project was made possible thanks to Neovya's teams' mastery of the most advanced AI technologies, combined with its business expertise in road traffic data." says Pascal Glasson, Project Director for road management and traffic regulation.

To find out more about the benefits of multisource data, download the AVATAR success story!
Download PDF • 1.47MB


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