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Grand'Mare road tunnel: a traffic simulation solution for roadworks planning

A traffic simulation solution to help plan roadworks

Grand’Mare’s road tunnel is a strategic infrastructure for mobility within Rouen urban area. With a crowded traffic of 42 000 vehicles per day, it is a critical link for people’s daily commute and the international traffic transportation of goods.

Upgrading the infrastructure to safety standards requires major renovation works (exhaust gas evacuation and emergency exits). To carry them out, the road tunnel operator DIRNO (North-West Road Directorate) needs to organize roadworks, which will have a strong impact on the infrastructure capacity and traffic flow on the RN28 highway and its alternative routes.

To do so, The DIRNO decides to support its decision-making process with a dynamic simulation solution. The objective is to minimize the impact on congestion and carbon emissions of the considered traffic management measures and estimate deviated traffic volumes particularly on alternative routes within Rouen’s dense urban area.

"The solution implemented with the Neovya Hubsim platform is a powerful tool to inform our decisions for roadworks planning. It provides us with key indicators to assess many scenarios in a complex problem: a main infrastructure in a mesh urban network with impacts on alternative routes in a dense urban area. The collaboration and sharing functions available with the platform are also bringing significant benefits to smooth dialogue with all stakeholders involved." says Nelson Gonçalves, strategies & Engineering Department Manager at French North-West Road Directorate.

To find out more about the benefits of using the Neovya Hubsim platform, download the DIRNO success story!
Download PDF • 308KB


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