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VINCI Facilities chooses Neovya to deploy a data-driven solution to reduce its carbon footprint

Neovya deploys an app for Vinci to reduce the carbon footprint from commuting

A data-driven solution to decarbonize daily commuting of VINCI Facilities employees.

On January 1st, 2020, the French law on mobility guidance made mandatory for companies of 50 employees and over to set up a mobility plan. Starting January 2022, the regulatory frameworkforcarbon accounting evolves and includes indirect significant greenhouse gas emission (3rd scope). For service companies such as VINCI Facilities, employees’ commute to work is the main source of greenhouse gas emission.

How can we take action? It is not easy to objectively assess the mobility’s carbon footprint current situation and thus to project realistic scenarios for carbon footprint reduction. The challenge is to evaluate with very high accuracy the level of emission for each coworker according to their means of transportation to be able to make a reliable assessment at the scale of the whole company.

VINCI Facilities choses the Neovya Daily Commute SaaS solution to build an insightful and unbiased vision of its 3rd scope carbon footprint and optimize its strategy to decrease carbon footprint generated by the commute to work.

" We were able to quickly deploy the Neovya Daily Commute solution on a large number of our business units. Data is integrated in a few clicks. The solution is powered by the best of breed computing engines which prove to be very efficient. The solution is very simple to use and available anywhere, any time. We have access to clear and precise dashboards to lead our strategy with efficiency.

The solution provides us with an informed overview of the greenhouse gas emission made by our employees’ commute to work. We are now able to consider practical and pragmatical measures at the individual and the collective levels to encourage the shift towards more virtuous alternative modes." says Nicolas GALET, Low Carbon Development Manager, VINCI Facilities.

Want to learn more about it? Download the VINCI Facilities success story!
Download PDF • 186KB


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