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The Conseil Départemental des Côtes d'Armor: Automated production of traffic reports

Success story: automated production of traffic reports

The usual production of traffic reports requires significant resources from road operators to manipulate data, create maps, build graphics and summary tables. The Conseil Départemental des Côtes d’Armor has decided to automate this process to save time, resources and data processing errors.

The CD22 chosesNeovya to implement this featurein its NeovyaHubsim software. Counting data are automatically integrated into the solution. Thanks to an easy-to-use interface, users can customize their report’s content (itineraries, reference counting stations, analysis periods, etc.).Then, NeovyaHubsimgenerates automatically modifiablereports in .doc format including maps, graphs, tablesand text analysis.

Features from the project:

  • Integration on Neovya Hubsim

  • Analysis of average daily traffic and monthly, seasonal and annual variations

  • Traffic analysis on major road network

  • Advanced analysis of flows and speed in congested areas

  • Many maps, graphs, tables and indicators

Data visualisation of traffic
Data visualisation of traffic

Benefits from the project:

  • Automated data integration and formatting

  • The user can design its own report templates with sections thanks to the software flexibility

  • Quick solution: reports are produced with just a few clicks.

  • Replicability: report templates can be saved, reproducing the same analyses year after year.

  • Data operator’s valorization

Neovya Hubsim helps us carrying out in-depth analyses of our traffic data. Today, thanks to Neovya'sexpertise, we have a new tool allowing us to generate automatically traffic reports on various geographical areas. This new featuresaves us a significant amount of time in processing stages, analysis and reporting of data. The reports generated can be detailed depending on our needs, which also gives us flexibility in terms of the target audience.

Franck Bourdais – Director of infrastructure, mobility and sea, Conseil Départemental des Côtes d’Armor

Download our success story!
Download PDF • 661KB

The “Conseil Départemental des Côtes d’Armor” is an assembly that governs the department and handles its development and management. Itsmain areas of expertise are roads and mobility, education, environment, and infrastructure.

Neovya Mobility by Technologyis a software editor of mobility simulation and modelling. We cover diagnosis, planning and optimization of all means of transportation. Founded by mobility and software experts, we work together towards a greener transportation system.


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