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French road directorate is testing HOV lanes on the motorway A7 with Neovya Hubsim

Neovya deploys Neovya Hubsim for the French road directorate on HOV lanes

The french Central East Road Directorate (DIRCE) calls on Neovya Hubsim to boost the development of alternative modes.

Following the deployment by the Lyon metropolitan authority of HOV (High Occupancy Vehicle) lanes on expressways M6 in the North and M7 in the South of the Lyon, the Central East Road Directorate is considering the opportunity to extend these HOV lanes on the A7 motorway in the south of Lyon urban area.

The objective is to set up new HOV lanes to promote the modal shift towards carpooling and thus reduce pollution in the sector.

The Neovya Hubsim SaaS platform is chosen to build the simulation model and to assess the relevance of different scenarios.

"Using Neovya Hubsim is an effective way to facilitate decision making. It is a powerful and educational tool that enables smooth technical information exchanges with decision-makers around a dynamic simulation model" says Julien Fyot, Project Manager at Central East Road Directorate.

"With Neovya Hubsim, we are able to carry out an exploratory work on a large number of parameters likely to impact traffic conditions with the activation of reserved lanes. Neovya Hubsim provides key indicators to simplify the analysis of simulations and to compare quickly all possible scenarios" adds Aurélien Clairais, Project engineer dynamic simulation at Cerema.

To find out more about the benefits of using the Neovya Hubsim platform, download the DIRCE success story!
Download PDF • 813KB


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