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Neovya signs a partnership with CN Group

The story begins in 2022 on the Innopolis congress, where Neovya Mobility by Technology and Les Couleurs du Numérique met ...

What is Les Couleurs du Numérique ?

As a research and development IT company, Les Couleurs du Numérique invents and develops innovative solutions to guide companies and local authorities in their digital projets. Being imaging experts, more precisely in its analysis and processing, et plus précisément l'analyse et le traitement, The CN Group offers a large panel of solutions based on machine learning, artificial intelligence, data science, embedded systems and software or web development.

CN Group has developed KESK to answer a concrete demand regarding traffic management: it is an innovative device regulating traffic flow in real-time thanks to artificial intelligence. Based on digital imaging, it optimizes car flows with a tryptic conditioned by detection, analysis and action, by adapting itself to local politics. KESK allows to reduce useless waiting times, to prioritize certain transportation modes but also to pass information on such as double-parking, vehicles going the wrong way, etc.

The partnership

As KESK's goal is to improve the traffic's flow and its safety, it is operational 7/24 and collects data to rethink the city and prepare its future. As a mobility data aggregator, Neovya Mobility by Technology completes its offer to local authorities thanks to its Neovya Hubsim solution, a digital twin able to process data, model roads and simulate traffic management measures.

" We are thrilled to establish a partnership with Les Couleurs du Numérique. It is a wonderful opportunity to offer our services to local authorities and road managers. The urgency coming from the situation compels us to lower our carbon emissions. It is about bringing efficient solutions to face new challenges from car flows, by taking the most from road-collected data and traffic engineering knowledge. "

Aurélien Duret

CEO & Co-Founder, Neovya Mobility by Technology

" We have talked many times with Neovya on our activities, our knowledge and our projects. We quickly saw how relevant the combination of both of our value propositions is. From now on, local authorities will be able to hire a full service to meet their expectations regarding mobility innovations. "

Murat Dogan

CEO & Founder, Les Couleurs du Numérique

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