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OpenFlexMob: a multi-agent platform for multimodal simulation

A picture of a highway with the title of the article

The LICIT and GRETTIA French labs, of the Gustave Eiffel University, have elected Neovya Mobility by Technology to develop a simulation platform for multimodal mobility within a metropolis' transportation network.

The impact from the different modes of transportation on a city scale not easy data to measure. The OpenFlexMob project's goal is to answer this issue by developing a tool adapted to multimodal mobility and micromobility, by using modelization bricks produced in the Gustave Eiffel University's labs.

A graph showing traffic's daily evolution
A simulation from the OpenFlexMob platform

This opensource-oriented platform runs API to explore the network with functions computing multimodal routes. It is able to simulate new mobility practices such as micromobility, as well as to produce multi-agent simulations: a unique system made of an ensemble of agents interacting with each other according to certain rules. The innovative models (based on a multi-tank model to simulate traffic flow) was elaborated within the LICIT and GRETTIA labs.

" Multi-agent simulations allow us to understand complex systems where many entities interact with each other. On the scale of a metropolis, we are able to develop new projects related to mobility, considering various parameters. Thanks to Neovya's software expertise, the OpenFlexMob platform has been deployed within the Eiffel University to enlighten our studies and simplify our research. "

Mahdi Zargayouna, Deputy Director, GRETTIA

" To be successful, OpenFlexMob required the combined implementation of several advances technologies: multi-agent simulation, distribution of calculations on a supercomputer, and a web application to make simulation results available. Combined with the business expertise of the Eiffel University's laboratories, we were able to achieve a very promising first version of this exciting project. "

Olivier Tonck, CTO, Neovya Mobility by Technology

The Gustave Eiffel University is a national public institution of higher education and research. It is the result of the several higher education institutions merging together, its main fields of expertise are the environment, energy and transportation.

To know more about the Neovya and Gustave Eiffel University project, download our OpenFlexMob success story!
Download PDF • 1.45MB


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